Skywalker by Miguel

For this video I took gifs from some old cartoons and timed them to the song Skywalker by Miguel.

Kaylie & Zach's Wedding

Early into learning video I shot a series of weddings. Zach and Kalie's had a beautiful Louisiana wedding.  

Texas River Marathon

My dad and brother love to canoe. The Texas River Marathon is used as a practice and placement competition for the Texas Water Safari.

Jonathan & Aubrey's Wedding

A video of the wedding of Jonathan and Aubrey.

First Time Honey

My video project for my first video class was a documentary for the play Thicker than Honey. Written by UH student and future Tony winner Nicole Zimmerman Thicker than Honey is a play about a family coming back together at a funeral.

Gina & Casey's Wedding

A video of the wedding of Gina and Casey's wedding.

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