I used Adobe Photoshop to composite these images to make a new one. Above you can see the original image used, below you can see my composite. All photos above the composite are linked to their original producer.    

pan-xiaozhen-252168-unsplash copy.jpg
ray-hennessy-229596 copy.jpg

Girl with Puffin

After seeing this photo of the adorable little girl being entertained by her phone screen I imagined a world where our phones will project images and show us the world from a different view. Luckily, with photoshop we don't have to wait for that to happen.

andrey-grinkevich-361141 copy.jpg
alejandra-quiroz-658 copy.jpg

Perfume Ad

The photo of this backlit kiss in shadow made me think so strongly of a perfume ad. The sweeping romance of those 30 second spots that assure you that if you smell right a fantasy-worthy epic love will inevitably follow. So I found a warm and epic photo to match. The following is what I imagine would be on the printed posters and magazine ads. 


Bonus Scenery


This amazing photo of a couple on the mountain just seemed to call for a small adjustment to match the epic scene. 


Another World

This photo of a girl's hike in Zion National Park was already so other worldly that I felt inspired by to take it to the next level. In this world 3 moons hang, blood red above the canyon as the girl embraces her view.  

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