Katie Scott


Katie Scott is a local interior designer who began a small jewelry line. Her vision was to sell jewelry that a woman could connect to on a fashion level as well as 


Katie Scott's goal to connect to women on an emotional and spiritual level was forefront in our minds during this rebranding campaign. We wanted a way to show the emotional connection a woman can have with something as simple as a piece of jewelry. We were also able to work in another one of her accessories, the prayer blanket. 

Name Change

Changing the name of a brand can be a brand killer. In Katie Scott's case we suspected that it would be a brand saver. We surveyed nearly 200 women and 97% felt that Katie Scott was too close a name to Kendra Scott. This is precisely what we expected. Since Katie's tagline was "Style Your Soul" we felt that was the easiest and least expensive way to rebrand, as it was already printed on packages. 

Insta Spots

We shot about 10 of these short Instagram spots that featured her jewelry and clothes. 

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