Elizabeth who?

So you found my secret about me page? Peek around and get to know me a bit better!

My Family

My Family from L to R

Front Row: Macey, Casey, Gina, Maddie

Behind the couch: Dan, Jonathan, Dad (Omar), Mom (Cheryl), Me, Aunt Cindie

Hanging in the very back: Justin

This is us after my dad's 60th birthday party. We celebrated him and his nearly 50 years of having a mustache. 


Left: My brother and I being too adorable to handle in the 80's

Above: My brother, Sister in law, and Sister showing our family humor at an antique/junkyard shop.

Mila Noelle

Have you ever seen a more perfect niece in all your life? The answer is no. No, you have not.

Grandma & Papa

Grandma & Papa

Mama Too &


Mama Too &


Back row from left to right is Macey, Reecie, Justin, Kaylin, and Zach. 

Middle Row from left to right is Karlyn, Maddie, and Kristen.

Front row: Adalyn 

My cousins who I love so much!

The Gilmores

Aunt Cindie


From left to right is Heston, Ryan, Aunt Cindie, Reecie, Clint, & Kinsley. Reecie, Ryan, & Clint are my Aunt Cindie's kids...my cousins. We were together a lot growing up. Especially Clint and I. I babysat Reecie's daughter's Macey and Maddie for many years and got to be close to them as well. I absolutely love my family!

Papa & Uncle Phil

I love this photo of my Papa from my brother's wedding. Below is a picture with my Uncle Phil from when I was about 6 years old. I still love him this much!

My papa was a soldier and served in Germany after WWII during the recovery and reconstruction. He got to visit again in his 80's and went back to the same Air Force Base he served at before. They were kind and welcomed him, looked at his old photos, gave him a tour, interviewed him for Air Force TV, and gave him some special edition medal coins. 


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