Dearest Visitor,

My name is Elizabeth Garcia and I want to tell you a little bit about who I am. For as long as I can remember I have been called a helper. Whether it is because I am the first born or it is someone I was just born to be, from the time I was very young helping has always been part of my identity. If you have a vision I am here to help make it happen. I will go the extra mile, do the extra research, and be your biggest cheerleader. I do my best work behind the scenes and under someone who is pushing forward.


I am passionate about the fight to end Alzheimer's. I do the Walk to End Alzheimer's every year and am a champion level fund raiser for #EndAlz. I love learning about Space. I love to follow what is happening at NASA, SpaceX, ESA, etc. I am obsessed Ben Franklin. Yes, I am completely serious. My parents bought me a used children's book about him when I was 8 and that was the start of what has been a lifelong obsession.

Take a look around and enjoy,

Elizabeth Garcia

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